Day Class

Class Details


    • Drop your dog off each day and pick up at the end of the day
    • One-on-one training
    • On and Off Leash skills depending on dog’s behavioral needs

What’s Included:

  • Leashes/Training Tools
  • Food Pouch
  • 10 Full Day’s of Training 
  • Daily Socialization with other dogs
  • Private Facebook Group to post questions and receive help.
  • Free Support Class every month for the life of your dog

What You Learn:

  • Heel Command(walking on a loose leash)
  • Place Command(relax on a dog bed)
  • Sit Command
  • Down Command
  • Come Command
  • Any behavioral problems such as: jumping, barking, counter surfing, trash diving, digging etc. and how to correct them.

Perfect For:

  • Anyone who does not enough time during the week to work with their dog on the training needed.
  • Anyone who does not want their dog have to be gone for two weeks and/or stay in boarding facility at night.

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Perfect for puppies 10-6 months old

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Private Freedom Program

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Support Class

Monthly support class is included for ALL our programs and class graduates

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