The results are so incredibly amazing

I rescued my pure bred mutt, Boba Fett, about six months ago. Boba was a stray who had been in the shelter for about eight months before I adopted him. I was told when I adopted the four year old quirky dog that he was not able to interact with other dogs; that he was just not a dogs’ dog but rather he was a people’s dog. Boba was happy to meet other dogs but was quick to leave the greeting. One day during a greeting, he decided to hold onto another dog. He wouldn’t let go of the other dog. No one was harmed, and Boba eventually did let go. He just wanted it to be made clear that he was top dog and that no other dog was allowed to get too near. That evening I called Daniel Proctor. He had been out to do an initial evaluation about two weeks prior. I had actually looked into training because Boba was very distracted on walks. Ducks and squirrels drove him crazy. I wasn’t looking into doing a board and train service, but I realized that day that Boba really needed socialization with other dogs. Dan had brought this up during our evaluation and actually put me in contact with an owner (and client) who had a similar dog situation as I was facing. She found the board and train to be the best option. I had talked with other dog trainers, but I knew I was going with Dan almost immediately because of how Boba responded to him. My dog, who was very skeptical about anyone coming into our home, immediately took a liking to Dan. Boba’s entire demeanor changed; he relaxed totally. The first day Boba was at the board and train facility I got a picture of him interacting with other dogs. Amazed was the word that I used that day and throughout the two week period. For the two weeks at the training facility, Boba interacted and played with other dogs. He was able to hold a sit and a down stay while dogs, ducks, and squirrels went by. I could hardly believe the pictures and videos that I saw. I now have my still goofy dog back from the two week board and train program (which I lovingly refer to as summer camp). He knows his commands, knows how to interact with other dogs, and knows that he doesn’t have to be the leader. The work for Boba and I is not over. It is now a process of showing Boba that I speak the same language as Dan and that I am going to be the leader. With Dan’s help, we are getting there. I have been so impressed by the progress so far. I can’t wait to continue to work with Dan to get my dog to a happy and healthy state. I am a once and forever member of the Dog Wizard. I could not have ever imagined the change I see in my dog. He is still a giant goof ball, but now, he is relaxed and free just to be a dog. If I ever adopt another dog, I will absolutely be using the Dog Wizard. The results are so incredibly amazing. Thank you so much Dan!

Hilary Hughes