Worth every penny spent

After looking into our options for obedience training for our two rambunctious yellow labs, I am so glad that we decided to go with the Greensboro Dog Wizard. Daniel came to our home and spoke with us regarding all the details of the 14 day training camp and was very willing to work with us in many different ways. He made us feel very comfortable leaving our fur babies with him and the Dog wizard staff, and gave us updates every couple of days regarding their progress. I loved the fact that we were able to see them in action on the Greensboro Dog Wizard facebook page as well. When our labs returned home, they were different pups! They were much more relaxed and obedient, and we loved the fact that Daniel came to our home to see them respond in their own environment. He was very thorough and wanted to ensure that my wife and I felt comfortable with giving the dogs their commands and knew how to use the e-collars. We also have had a follow up visit with them. Daniel really does care about the dogs and we could tell that by the way they responded when he was around! (Tails constantly wagging!) The Dog wizard training was definitely worth every penny spent. Now, we can enjoy our dogs and they can enjoy their lives as happy and obedient dogs! I would recommend this training to anyone! Again, Daniel genuinely cares about the dogs he trains, and has a great understanding of what it takes to train canines.

Jake Smith