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Worth every penny spent

After looking into our options for obedience training for our two rambunctious yellow labs, I am so glad that we decided to go with the Greensboro Dog Wizard. Daniel came to our home and spoke with us regarding all the details of the 14 day training camp and was very willing to work with us in many different ways. He made us feel very comfortable leaving our fur babies with him and the Dog wizard …Read More

Jake Smith

The results are so incredibly amazing

I rescued my pure bred mutt, Boba Fett, about six months ago. Boba was a stray who had been in the shelter for about eight months before I adopted him. I was told when I adopted the four year old quirky dog that he was not able to interact with other dogs; that he was just not a dogs’ dog but rather he was a people’s dog. Boba was happy to meet other dogs but was quick to leave the greeting. O…Read More

Hilary Hughes

I highly recommend

The Dog Wizard did wonders for our 2-year Rottweiler who was full of anxiety and completely out of control. Not only did Daniel give our dog more confidence, he also took the time to teach us how to better handle our dog. We used two other trainers prior to The Dog Wizard, and they just didn’t compare. Daniel is very knowledgeable and gifted with animals. He truly seems to care about the dogs he…Read More

Autumn Craig

I saw a totally different dog

I’ve had my dog Cooper for over two years. One evening when I came home from work I noticed this scared little puppy in front of my neighbors house. He was halfway in the drain pipe in the ditch and was so frightened he wouldn’t come to me. I went inside, got some cat food and left it for him. That was on a Thursday before Labor Day weekend. By Monday he had a name and we had formed a close bo…Read More

Laura Ari

Thanks so much Daniel

I have a 14 year old Shih-Tzu. I had not researched the breed before having this cute, cuddly and furry puppy come home so I didn’t realize how stubborn and defiant they could be if allowed to develop bad habits!! I would baby the dog and give free kisses and hugs, let him on the furniture and let him sleep with me. I would take him “bye bye” in the car when running errands and it was such a…Read More

Farrah Woodall


It is way more fun for your dog to walk with a loose leash and enjoy the fresh air and scenery!


How cool is it to be able to let your dog play at the park and enjoy life!


Be able to give your dog LOTS of love for the right things!